Photo courtesy of Clemente Passariello

Photo courtesy of Clemente Passariello

Camille Kerger cannot remember a time when he did not want to be a musician. “My father wanted to be a musician, but in our small village, after WWII, it was not possible for him,” he recalls. Fortunately for Kerger, his village music society had a spare trombone, and the 8-year-old Luxembourger embarked on a rich musical life that has included playing, singing, composing, and teaching.


Le Conservatoire de Luxembourg
Le Conservatoire de Metz
Musikhochschule Mannheim
Musikhochschule Düsseldorf, winner Konzertexamen


Melusina, chamber opera (1995)
Il Signor Drago, opera for children (1995)
Rinderwahn, opera (1999)
Ein Mond aus kochender Milch, opera (2003)
Altars of Light, for choir and orchestra (2000), awarded first prize at the French competition L’an 1000, L’année 2000


Luxembourg Society for the Propagation of Music, member 1981-1993
Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music 1983-2011
Théâtre National du Luxembourg, founding member 1996-2006
Institut Europeen de Chant Choral (INECC), director 2004-2018


“If you compose music, you want it to be played. This collaboration with other people enables you to discover other things, other possibilities.” – Camille Kerger